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make me choose • lydia martin or stiles stilinski
∟Someone tried to strangle me. And I survived. I don’t need to hide that.

make me choose | sly-mafia asked : Laurel Lance or Moira Queen



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crushinglybeautiful whispered: what happened with sons of anarchy?


it’s the worst trash show to ever happen to this garbage planet and i wish it’d never happened to me, or that it had ended midway through season 4, or someone had slapped kurt sutter across his dumb smirky mouth and told him that he was a shitty person with shitty opinions on everything but most of all is really gross and misogynistic and tries to play it all of as jokes and throws giant tantrums when it doesn’t go the way he wants and i’m done with him and anything to do with his hideous soul patch having ass

Title: Over You (feat. A Great Big World)
Artist: Ingrid Michaelson
Album: Lights Out
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There is a language older by far and deeper than words. It is the language of bodies, of body on body, wind on snow, rain on trees, wave on stone. It is the language of dream, gesture, symbol, memory. We have forgotten this language. We do not even remember that it exists. [x]


River and The Doctor

To my Doctor, that’s his great big relationship in the show. —Matt Smith

girlwithsixsmiles whispered: Oliver/Felicity, arguing in the foundry


"You lost my job.”

"I-I," Oliver looks down. "I guess I kind of did."

"You lost my job. The EA job that you forced me into - despite my many protests and legitimate reasons why was a bad idea - and you didn’t feel like this was something you should have told me right away?”

"I thought you said you understood that I screwed up."

"I understood, Oliver. I understood that you messed up. Forgive me if I didn’t immediately have the opportunity to process my feelings on your involvement in my sudden unemployment. God, Oliver, it’s like you forget that there are other people in this world besides you. Other people who still live from paycheck to paycheck and need to buy groceries because their fridge is almost empty. And now their resume is completely shot because IT to EA isn’t exactly a smooth career trajectory—”

"Felicity!" he finally yells. "I’m trying to tell you something."

Her arms are crossed, and her eyes are screaming how much she’d like to murder him, but she tips her head as if to say ‘go on’.

"I got you your old job."

"What." It’s flat, no emotion in it, like she can’t comprehend what he’s saying.

Oliver takes that as a sign that he can move closer without fear of injury. He places a hand on her shoulder. “I talked to the head of IT and convinced him to rehire you. And give you a raise.”

"You did?"

"I did."

Suddenly both of her arms are thrown around his neck, and she’s pressing her lips firmly and quickly to his. It’s too fast and too soon and it makes him feel things that he wishes he didn’t.

She avoids his gaze as she backs away, mutters a quick, “thank you,” and runs for the foundry stairs.

Oliver turns to watch her go, absentmindedly brushing his fingers across his lips. 


west coast; a playlist for the roadtrip liz & i dream of taking  

california // phantom △ planet pompeii // bastille △ wetsuit // the vaccines △ young blood // the naked & famous △ san francisco // the mowglis △ riptide // vance joy △ burn // ellie goulding △ bad girls // mia △ fancy // iggy azalea △ pursuit of happiness // kid cudi △ this is the life // sweet california △ west coast // lana del rey △ my song 5 // haim △ orange sky // alexi murdoch △ wonderwall // ryan adams △ hallelujiah // jeff buckley